About Us

Meet the CEO

My name is Jake Everts.  I am a husband, father, brother and friend. I founded TRU Energy + Automation after dedicating many years to learning the craft from the top companies in the solar and home security industries. My dream was to create my own company that would give our customers and consultants the perfect experience while also giving you an unbeatable product.  

Everyone wants what's best for their families right?

 At TRU Energy + Automation we know, it's common to believe solar panels are expensive and have large upfront costs.

The fact is, there are many options available that make it easy to switch to solar energy with zero out of pocket costs.

Your electricity bill is infinite, why not take control?

 Did you know, 40-60% of your power bill translates into delivery charges just to get that power to your door? Having solar eliminates the delivery charges and you will start saving month one.